Online Resources



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NIH/National Institute on Aging
American Federation for Aging Research

General Info

Pubmed (literature search)
Blast (compare proteins and DNA sequences)
Ensembl genome browser
Epigenie (conferences and epigenetics news)

C. elegans resources

Wormbase (C. elegans information)
Worm Book (information about C. elegans)
NEXTDB (nematode expression pattern database)
National BioResource Project (NBRP, C. elegans mutant consortium)
Caenorhabditis Genetics Center (CGC, C. elegans mutant consortium)
The Million Mutation Project (C. elegans mutants)
TransgeneOme (C. elegans transgenic plasmids)


ExPASy (calculating molecular weight from amino acids)
Weight conversion
Optimized CRISPR Design


Hypergeometric Probability Calculator
Chi squared Calculator
DAVID Bioinformatic annotation tool
GOStat (determining statistically over or underrepresented terms)

Random Links

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NASA’s astronomy picture of the day
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